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About the Friends of James Peacock Infant and Nursery School

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The Friends of James Peacock Infant and Nursery School is aregistered charity raising funds for extras that are not funded (or cannot be afforded) from the school budget but which make a big difference to our children’s environment, welfare and education.


In the last few years we have raised £30,000 to provide some all weather play equipment for the school. With numbers of children increasing every year and the playground being the only all weather surface, it was getting very crowded at break times! The equipment is due to be installed in October/November 2017.


For this academic year (2017/18) we are working with the school on more short term projects so that parents, teachers and children get some immediate benefit from this. Once projects have been identified, costed and approved, we will be able to release more details.


In order to raise money we run a variety of events for families, children and adults including:- 

• film nights and discos at school

• cocktail evenings

• our now legendary “wheelbarrow of wine”

• Food Fair

• Family Fun Day


The Committee meet (usually in the Ruddington Arms) every second Monday of the month at 7.30pm and we love to see new faces. You can find details about the next meeting and its location on our Facebook site or by emailing us for details.


There are many ways to become involved and we would love to hear from you. Here are some example of ways in which you could help but these are not exhaustive:-

• volunteering at events (even half an hour is so useful!)

• donating raffle prizes

• displaying our posters

• promoting your business or group at our events

• designing posters

• providing cakes for our cake sales

• serving tea and coffee

• liking and sharing our Facebook posts


You can find our details and get in touch with us in the following ways:-

Facebook: (or search for Friends of James Peacock)


WhatsApp: we also have a WhatsApp group for people who are interested in volunteering but are not able to attend meetings. Please email your number to us if you would like to be included in this.

Ruddington App:  under the “Community” Section


Who’s who on the Committee and which Class Rooms to find us!


Chair – Liz Corder (Dean) – Class 5

Vice Chairs – Kate Stacey (Class 4) and Beth Rushton (Class 7)

Secretaries – Gwen Eyre (Class 10) and Emily Cooper (Class 4)

Treasurer – Barbara Breakwell (Trustee and also Governor of the school)

Volunteer Coordinator – Lisa Lister (Class 7)

Other parent representatives: Laura Ratcliffe (Class 2), Claire Norris (Class 8), Catherine Bell, Dawn Martin, Louise Johnson (Class 4), Jo Horton (Class 4), Kate Boothroyd (Class 7)

School representatives:  Richard Waldron (Trustee and Head), Tracey Plackett (Trustee and TA), Suzanne Griffin (former Chair and TA in Class 4), Jen Fowlie (Teacher in Class 8)

Join us on Facebook

We have a new Facebook page.  Please search for 'Friends of James Peacock School' and join the group to keep up to date with our upcoming events.