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Cultural Evening

October 2012 saw the in-school launch of our work towards the Stephen Lawrence Educational Standard, which culminated with our first Cultural Evening.


The evening was a huge success, filled with music, dancing, crafts, food & drink.


  • A fashion show was held where children, parents and teachers proudly showed traditional dress from countries such as India, Japan, China, Scotland and Hawaii
  • Everyone enjoyed taking part in drumming workshops, which provided a perfect background beat!
  • A troupe of Morris dancers showed off their costumes and steps!
  • Craft stalls enabled children to make friendship bracelets, choose a bindi to wear and have a henna body art applied
  •  Food and drink from around the world was donated and available to try, including various fruits and juices, pavlova, bhajis, samosas and Caribbean snacks, to name but a few!


Such was the success and enjoyment of the evening that the Steering group has decided to make it an annual event – so look out for details the next one!