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Hello and welcome to our brand new Eco-School page. 


We are very excited to announce that here at James Peacock School we are continuing on our journey to becoming an official Green Flag owning Eco-School. 


We have been working very hard over the last few years to really embed this into our school but unfortunately with a global pandemic this has proved a little tricky however, we are thrilled to announce that we have now started to get the ball rolling again and have begun the next steps to continue building on the hard work already achieved. 


What is an Eco-School? 


An Eco-School is an international programme that aims to “empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated, and socially responsible learning.”

Each school follows a seven step change process and aims to “empowers young people to lead processes and actions wherever they can.”


We are delighted to announce we have elected our brand  new committee and this includes children from reception, year one and year two and we have successfully held our very first meeting. 


During the meeting we carried out an Environmental  review of our school to help identify areas we are doing well in and areas where we could do better, it was very interesting to hear the views and opinions of the children, we have also set an agenda and are now working on plans for our first project which will be related to litter. 


We are in the very early stages of our journey and we will be sharing much more information about this in the coming months but for now if you would like more information please visit the Eco-Scool website 


What we have done already;

  • Reintroduced paper recycling back in the classrooms 
  • Set up a new Eco board in our hall area
  • Created a mini recycling point for our crisp packets, used glue sticks, used pens and pencils
  • Held a whole school assembly to raise awareness 


Our next steps are;


  • Set up a comment sections for parents and children to let us know your thoughts and ideas 
  • To create our own Eco badges for our eco committee
  • Organise a litter pick around the school and put up more bins outside to reduce litter
  • Establish our website fully 

Introducing James Peacock’s Eco Warriors!

Eco schools litter pick! Jan 2022

The big garden bird watch… Nursery and reception loved being involved making different types of bird feeders and binoculars!