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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


We know that as parents and carers you all want the best for your children and because of these there are sometimes lots of questions you would like to ask in able to support them while at school. We do offer an open door policy so please feel free to ask us any questions at the start or end of the day and we will always try to answer them. However if you don't often get the chance to pick up and drop off, or have questions during the holidays below is a list of questions put together by parents that we have tried our best to answer..



What are monkeys (bees/ladybirds/stars) and when are they given?

In Nursery and Reception each class has a reward system. The children are rewarded monkeys for good behaviour, good choices, good week, and achievements such as coming in to school independently. Once the children have collected 10 monkeys they get a 'dip in the box' - a box full of party bag style treats. The children can then start collecting again.

Nursery collect bees, Class 7 collect monkeys, Class 8 collect ladybirds, Class 9 collect stars.

What is the family box?

In reception and some of the Key Stage 1 classes we have a family box. Every child in the class will get a chance to take the family box home. Once at home it is time to fill it with things that are special to your child and your family. Objects include.... photos, baby clothes, favourite toys, tickets or leaflets to favourite places, special or favourite stories or music, achievements such as swimming, football, ballet etc. Inside the family box there should be a return day, if not just return it a few days after taking it home.


Class mascots
In Reception each class has 1 (sometimes 2 or 3) class mascots, each child will get to take the mascot home for the weekend. You are invited to fill in the diary with some information about what you have got up to with the mascot... the children do love to share photos of this too but it isn't a requirement. A class mascot is a small cuddly toy.


Class Rewards

Each class may have a different reward system for when their class achieve as a whole, this may be tidying up well, getting praise for sitting beautifully in assembly, lining up well after playtime. These will look different in each class but systems include, marbles in a jar, getting 'spots' on Lala ladybird, getting 10 pieces of a snake to make a whole... Once completed the class gets a treat such as fancy dress day, pyjama day, own clothes day, pool party, bring a toy in, go to the park.

What are handy helpers?

In Reception each class has 2 handy helpers a day. They are pulled from a hat until all children in the class have had a go and it starts again. In some classes they get special chairs to sit on, some they wear their hand print round their neck. When it’s your child's turn to be handy helper they are allowed to fetch the snack, collect the after school club lists from the office and generally trusted to do general 'jobs' for the teacher. The children do really love it when it is their turn.

Behaviour System – Rainbow/Sunshine/Cloud/Rain Cloud

Each morning the whole class begin on a positive note with their names on sunshine.


  1. If their behaviour falls below an acceptable level they move from this position to a cloud.
  2. If their behaviour worsens further, or in cases of more severe misbehaviour the children move to the rain cloud.
  3. Being on the rain cloud triggers a missed playtime.
  4. Send to head teacher.
  5. The parents will be informed at home time about the child’s behaviour and why it is a cause for concern.


For more information on the schools behaviour systems and rules please see the behaviour policy.


If a child brings packed lunch do they sit with those having school dinners?

In the dinner hall the children the tables are in long rows, a row for each class. Usually the children having sandwiches sit with other children having sandwiches as they come straight in to the hall and can start eating whereas the dinner children will wait in line for their dinner. Once served they will join the rest of their class on their class row.

School bags

As a school we suggest that the children all have a book bag to bring their reading book and diary to and from school along with any letters. In many classes these are kept in their school trays in the class room. Some parents send their children with a bigger ‘school bag’ usually alongside the book bag to help them manage all of their things such as book bag, jumpers/cardigans, water bottles, lunch boxes and any creations, especially handy if walking between the two schools. A school bag is personal preference; these will need to hang on the pegs.