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The Mustard Seed Project (Uganda)

The Mustard Seed Project (Uganda)

Welcome to our Mustard Seed Project page.

We are a charity that started life at James Peacock Infant and Nursery School in 2016 when Mrs Squires visited Uganda to work alongside teachers. She visited a school on Tisai Island which is located in a swamp. On the island children were educated under a mango tree and had no fresh water and very little food. Since then, the charity has raised funds to build a school, a community centre, water harvesters, and toilets on the island. We provide daily posho for the children to help them learn with full tummies!  We have also established a girls’ football team to keep girls in school and we support women’s tailoring and agricultural projects. We have joined forces with St Peters School in Ruddington, and staff from both schools have jointly visited the projects in Uganda.


Tisai Trustees

Each year we advertise for Year 2 children to become Tisai Trustees alongside St Peter’s School who have a group of trustees from Year 6. This year we have a group of 12 year 2 children from our school who have inspired us with their incredible fundraising ideas and reasons for wanting to work to help with the Ugandan projects.

We have enjoyed visiting St Peters School to deliver an assembly where the Year 2 trustees spoke with confidence and passion. The Year 6 trustees delivered an assembly for our children too and we were impressed with their fundraising ideas.  We have also had a craft evening where we made Christmas crafts to sell to raise funds. We meet once a half term and we can’t wait to develop the rest of our ideas.

The trustees have decided that they want to raise funds for our football project, to provide goats to our agricultural projects, and to help fund posho.

We have a Ugandan week each year when we celebrate our links with this country.