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Week 2 - 1/3/21

Book Week

· Animal stories

· Scrimbling dashes and lines

· Talk about characters in our favourite books

· Letter “n” nets and Nemo

· Write your name

· Make a book using hole punch and treasury tags

· Make a rectangle with straws

· Sequence events from a book



The Ugly Duckling - Video

Hear the sound “N” – video

Make a paper plate swan - video

Paint a duckling– see sheet & video

Monday Live 1.30

Share some work – 1 piece each

Days of the week

shape of the week – rectangle

Flashcard phonics – add letter N with Fred

Story – Captain Duck


Ruby Flew too story – video

Make a book - video

Make a necklace - video

Letter N activities – see sheet

Letter N video

Tuesday live 1.30

Share some work -

Days of the week

Daisy to the rescue Story

Fred recap letters and say the cvc words


shape of the week – make a rectangle - video

Draw a swan - video

Duck in the Truck story video

Sequence the story – see video

No live session on Wednesday


Make a pattern colour ducks - video

Sequence the dotty ducks- video

Write name in mummy duck – see video

N story – see video

5 little ducks song 

 No live session on Thursday